Virus Removal

We provide homes and businesses with computer virus removal services. We delete viruses, spyware, spamware, and malware on computers, emails, and IT systems.

Our service contracts can take care of ongoing threats. We also provide tutorials if you want to take control of your security requirements.

Our aim is to keep your business up and running – if the infection is minor we may be able to remove it while Windows is operating by accessing your computer through a secure remote desktop program.

If you need help with your computer or IT system please contact vp Computer Services.


Symptoms of viruses, spyware, spamware, or malware: unexpected freezing, ‘pop-up’ messages, operating system errors, complete system failure, and messages telling you your computer is infected with a computer virus.


A computer virus is a self-replicating computer program which installs itself without the user’s consent.

A computer virus can give cyber criminals control of your computer allowing access to personal and business information such as bank details and passwords.

Computer viruses can help a criminal to read, re-write, delete and download important personal and business files and information.

Harmful activity on infected computers includes stealing CPU time, hard disk space, accessing private information, corrupting data, spamming contacts, displaying unwanted messages, and most importantly – logging keystrokes.

Even 'low-risk' computer viruses can affect the performance of a computer making it slow to start up and shut down, slow when opening and using software. Each second wasted adds up, can be frustrating, and reduces the productivity of your business.

Spyware & Spamware

Spyware software enables gathering of information about you and your organization without your knowledge. This information can be sent without your consent to cyber-criminals enabling them control of your computer.

Spyware is most often a ‘tracking cookie’ – used for tracking and storing movements on the Web and then serving up unwanted pop-up ads. More harmful types of Spyware are system monitors, trojans, and adware.

Spyware is typically hidden when used for malicious purposes and often difficult to detect.

Spyware such as keyloggers may be installed by the owner of a shared, computer network intentionally in order to monitor users. Technical advances and IT efficiency also carry risk.

Spyware and spamware are considered by some as less-benign (e.g. when used for advertising) however we consider any attempt to monitor you or your business or online behaviour without your consent as an infringement of your rights. We will endeavour to stop these exploits.